Sunday, February 8, 2009

Akbar the Great

Thanks to BluePriestess, yesterday I spent the afternoon watching this fantastic, terrific, lovely film: Jodhaa Akbar. In youtube (where else?) I found this music video of Jashn-e-Bahaaraa, one of the great songs included on the movie soundtrack.

It's a lovely song and the person who uploaded this video choosed one of my favorite moments of the film: Akbar's morning sword practice ^_^Oh my God!
It's not a perfect film (because one scene it's a nightmare, awful, full photoshop!!) but nevermind, I enjoyed it a lot!! I mean Hrithik Roshan plays one of his most powerful performance since Lakshya (a nice music video here) or even Fiza (let's forget Dhoom saga, not "the dance"). Back to my dear Akbar, it's a must, from 1 to 10 (where 10 means perfect) it's a 9!! I'm buying it for sure!!!!

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Blue Priestess said...


The song sounds a little strange with that scene, but I as I can see, It's not a problem for you...

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