Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Barcelona blues

Jaume Fuster Library, entrance
Yesterday, Haruki Murakami was at the Jaume Fuster library. Talking about how he writes his romans (running, confident to finish his race) with Isabel Coixet and Antonio Lozano. Among others themes. I really enjoy it, so I'm glad I wanted to take some pictures of Lesseps Square Lesseps square because that's why I was able to be there. I mean there were people waiting in line from 10am in the morning!! And a lot more were arriving since 3pm... and the conversation was suposed to begin at 7pm!!! Amazing!! I almost didn't make it, I was number 135, arriving at 4pm to the library!!
Many people didn't make it!! Everybody wanted to hear this japanese writer! But maximum capacity of the theater is 200 people (I believe they opened other rooms and retransmitted it through video). Jaume Fuster Library, people waiting in line
So, what can the library and editors do? Perhaps film it so that many more could listen to it? Today I visited Tusquets Ed., Empuries Ed. and Jaume Fuster library, but couldn't find a word about it. Ok, the author didn't want to be filmed, but a transcription of what they were talking could be possible I believe, or even a chronicle of what happened... silence. Editors have blogs, libraries are in facebook... what for? I'm really glad I was there, and sorry for the people that couldn't make it. It's life.


Blue Priestess said...

Not even a miserable recording of it?
I can't believe it. What a bunch of fools, jerks, (never ending)... I should have lent you my recorder...

Wait for my interrogation XDDD

Nodami said...

Yes!! I gladly answer all your questions... after Akbar!! Wanna see it again!!! jar jar jar

Blue Priestess said...


Nodami said...

How rude!!... I think it's a reasonable price ^_^

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