Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let the right one in

Sweet Swedish film. That's the first thing that comes to my mind after seeing the story of Eli and Oskar. Let the right one in is symbolic, it's more what you see than what the characters say in their dialogues. Beautiful.

If you haven't seen it at Sitges 2008, you can see it at Renoir Floridablanca.


Eli Ramirez. said...

aiii tothom l'ha vist i jo encara no T_T

aviam si ara al juliol m'agafo temps lliure per mirar pelis i seguir amb LOST ijijijiji!!

baci Grelda!

tidusin said...

It's so touching and moving... and it's also so real that you can imagine that really happening! And brilliantly executed by those young actors...

Nodami said...

What are you waiting for, my dear Eli? Go and see it!!
And I completely agree with you, Tidusin, the actors do an amazing job!

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