Monday, August 3, 2009

Culture club

Last weekend was terrific!!! I visited two art exhibitions!! One held at Caixaforum and another at the MNAC!!! Wanna see some pictures? Here there are:
Kalina Macuta and Daniel Blanch playing Manén and Bartók!! Delicious! Loved their performance! Mas i Mas Festival at la Pedrera!! The whole month classical music!! each day a diferent player!!
Gerda Taro in action, amazing!! At the MNAC you can enjoy seeing the pictures taken by Gerda Taro during Spanish Civil War!! She was the first war-photojournalist woman!!!
Robert Capa in action, you could hear guns and bombs!! Also, I could visit the photos taken by Robert Capa in several wars!!!
Palladio, The Architect, loved this one!! This one is my favorite!! Palladio!! There are the I quatro libri dell'Architettura!! Also the original drawings and models of his buildings!! And two Canalettos!!
Figuracions, modern art! the works are huge!! Impressive!!

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