Monday, August 31, 2009

World library and information congress

Codice Il De Divina Proporzione exhibit at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele thanks to Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
From 24th until 27th august, 2009 I've had helped as a volunteer at the 75th IFLA congress in Milan. It was such a wonderful experience... I enjoyed it so much, that I'm planning to help again in Gothenburg!! I helped at the pre-paid registration desk, at room green and blue as room attendant, giving assistance to interpreters and giving headsets to delegates at the auditorium!!
The magic library exposition at the Palazzo Sormano library
Couldn't attend many sessions, but some ideas did dig into my mind: long term storage should include museum sector (libraries working together with museums to preserve digital information), who will own the digital content? (trusted repositories giving everyone access to digital content), fight against paying for library loans (a conference about public lending right and intellectual property held nearby MIC), web editing (homepage, menus, for each group within an entity), no danger in gamming at the public library, not to fear new programs, if they fail we can learn from it! (talking about public library programs held by Josie Parker thanks to US Embassy libraries), to digitize on demand or to digitize systematically? (we can share criteria, financial partners and know-how partners), Biblioteca comunale di Palazzo Sormani, exposition This is my letter to the worldthe need of a white paper on digitization (there are some on the web, but I think they meant a global one, for all libraries, archives and museums, so that we all share the same criteria).
There was an ad about the IFLA congress at the Milan summer guide! There were special expositions at different places in the city because of the congress: the magic library, this is my letter to the world, i tre anelli (this one I specially loved!! Codex regarding three religions: christian, judaism, islam).


Blue Priestess said...

¡¡Las fotos que hiciste en el congreso son muy chulas!! Se nota que te lo pasaste muy bien. ¿Para cuándo el Duomo? XDDD

Eli Ramirez said...

uala, en serio?? no ho sabia!! com mola!

i veig que ara fas turisme bibliotecari per Catalunya! (perque mai m'avises? XD)

eh, una cosa, has vist la expo de Tutankamon al maritim? que tal és? vull anar!

Nodami said...

Duomo.... para cuando tenga tiempo jajajajajaja
La propera visita turística biblio t'aviso!! jaaja
Tutankamon... no l'he vista... anem? es de pagament.... crec no hi ha cap dia gratis....

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