Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy birthday, Alien dear

Happy birthday to you, my dear Alien

This year is Alien 30th anniversary, I mean the Alien scifi film (also the Apollo 40th anniversary). So, Mr. Walter Hill is visiting Sitges to celebrate it with us.
Alien post-screening with Walter Hill
At the post screening he said that the film now doesn't communicate as back in the 80's because it's not new anymore. And the big surprise was ...Malcom McDowell!!! He received an honorific award!!! This 42nd Sitges Film Festival is great!!! Don't miss it
Buying tickets
Walter Hill signed autographs even while waiting for his meal


Eli Ramirez said...

al final hi estàs com a voluntària?

Nodami said...

Nop! es veu que es presenta molta gent, i es clar, he quedat fora!! M'he deixat el sou a Sitges!!! Ni avui ni demà podré anar-hi per les classes, peró dijous hi torno!!! t'apuntes?

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