Monday, March 22, 2010

Kesenai tsumi

Indelible sin is the single I'm listening right now.

Nana Kitade, the singer, has changed her looks (inserted here is a comic book...auch)!!! Now one of her favorite shops is Baby the Stars shine bright! This is a strong song, and the clip is creepy... so I like it pretty much!!
Moving on, surfing on youtube I've found some "Fandubs" in spanish!! Some are not so bad (at least they don't hurt so much, they're not so off-key), but others are ... just heartless.... my poor ears!! And the singer, she knew she was out-of-tune, but she went on singing!! One even has a japanese coment: ほんとにすごいです = honto ni sugoi desu = It is really awesome!... My sentiments exactly! They even made a fandub of CaramellDansen!!

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