Thursday, April 8, 2010

Creating a word cloud

Eli posted in her blog about Wordle, so I tried it also, using a text about the Barcelona Maritime Museum Library. The words more frequently used are those breaking out!

Wordle: BitacolaMMB

At their gallery you can find the most recents Wordle creations, and copy and paste any of them in your weblog. The images are licenced under Creative Commons 3.0, and the attribution goes to Wordle, if you use a screenshot instead of the Wordle application.

Wordle Gallery

By the way, the creator was an IBM employee (Google news at his blog!), so the core algorithms were developed on duty hours!! This means that even if this tool is non-commercial (you may freely use it), you can't have access to the source code because it belongs to IBM!!
The FAQ's are really useful (and funny), so read them before you use the tool!! For example, you're a designer and have some awesome words for a T-shirt and looking for inspiration you use this tool... don't save it, just print it! If you save the word cloud, you are sharing it with the whole world!! Remember, the tool gives you the option to just print what you created!! You may get rich, but you must tell that you used Wordle for creating your "word design".
Using Sexsmith font, couldn't stop it!
The funniest of it all is that even if you are not able to search for Wordles (Google App Engine plattform doesn't let you index and search for words in the data you saved!!) there are people (usually teachers worried about their students) that find randomly obscene content!!! Like the font Sexsmith, created by Larabie and named after a canadian singer! You can read about it in the FAQs! His answers are great!!
Why do I love this tool? Because there is no need to autenticate!! I can create as many a Wordle I need, share them or not, print them or not!! And using the advance tools give us the possibility to weigh words and define colors! It's addictive!!

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