Saturday, May 22, 2010

Open the books

The New York Public Library is calling for help. "Surprisingly", the government cuts the library budget (-37million USD). Improv Everywhere comes in handy.

The library ask for support... and New Yorkers give it! Don't close the books is the motto: you can help making a donation, or writing a letter to the elected officials! Librarians warn that if they don't get that budget, they won't be able to give services such as programs for kids and adults or job search services.
Libraries here in Spain have more or less the same troubles: budgets cuts, governments won't help... who they gonna call? Conan the Librarian? Nop, Frikitekaris! At their blog, we can read that they are willing to cause a scene! (Mummybusters!) It's only missing the library... which library here in Spain needs budget to buy new equipment, implement a digital preservation plan, or give a better service? Many, almost everyone! Politicians are always telling the same lies: no money, no budget. The NYPL got a great idea in how to get the attention of they patrons (they laugh at the video!) and also making them to take part on the action (every letter counts!)
So, I believe libraries here in Spain might as well follow the NYPL example, first: quantify (in money) how much cost a service, and then ask for help.
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