Friday, October 29, 2010

Fast Forward

Darfur fotos exhibition at Palau Robert
No time to explain everything I do! so I upload pictures instead:

Darfur at Palau Robert, an exhibition. The United Nations Organization spend 6 thousands million dollars a year to help... how? People are still dying there in Sudan, the forgotten war.
Pensat a Barcelona
Pensat a Barcelona: the exhibition at the Maritime Museum, don't run , it's over!
Pensat a Barcelona la bici
Run, this one, you still have time until december ...
Escoles d'altres mons
Escoles d'altres mons, exhibition at the Maritime Museum.
48h open house Barcelona
48h Open House Barcelona Visited only one, didn't got the time for more!! It wasn't really 48 hours, only 2 for each building... and at the same day and time!!!
Sitges l'autentic terror poster
Horror time in Sitges.... SOS the Mayor want to "rebuild" Sitges, and people are fighting against this "remodelation".
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