Friday, October 1, 2010


Conwy falls
Last summer I visited 2 waterfalls in Wales: Conwy falls and Swallow falls. Both are located near the inland resort Betws-y-Coed.
Conwy Falls
In Conwy falls you may see many different types of birds (32 species) while walking through the paths. The Conwy river is a salmon river, that's why you may see 2 salmon ladders at the falls.
Swallow Falls
The Swallow falls are famous since the Victorian times, and are located on the river Llugwy. These falls are one of the most visited sights in the Snowdonia National Park. And here accidents happens, it is slippery, and it is easy to fall. So be careful, wear sensible shoes.
Miniature trainAfter visiting the falls, I went to the Conwy Valley Railway Museum. They had a miniature train there... so cute, couldn't believe my eyes.
St. Michael's church
I also visited St. Michael's old church (built in the 14th century), the one that gives the name to the village Betws-y-Coed = prayer house in the woods. There you can find a beautiful pulpit (dated 1843) and reading desk (has an inscription on the front: IOWE 1697).
Sappers Suspension Bridge
The Sappers Suspension Bridge over the Conwy river is next to the St. Michael's church, and date from 1930. It is a shortcut from the A470 to the church. There are 4 suspension bridges crossing river Conwy... and I've already crossed 3 of them, I'm missing only one: the Gower Bridge.
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