Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tag Galaxy

First, enter a tag
I am used to the cloud tags in many sites, but never seen before a Tag Galaxy!! it is fun!! I began searching books, and ended up finding libraries!!
Then search for tags across the Galaxy
First of all, you enter a tag (any word) and then you'll find a galaxy where you can search for tags across it!! And once you choose it, the engine creates a planet with pictures (Flickr of course!) about your tag!!!
Planet Tag
Here comes the moment when you pick a shoot... and it gives you all the info about it: photographer, description, and a link to the Flickr page!!
This picture has been explored
Why I choosed this picture? it looked like a nice librarian, but it ended up beeing the owner of the library, and in the flickr tags I've learned about the stuff in the shelves (noticed the statue of the 3 monkeys? see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil!) that belongs to her!!
Enjoy it!! it is a different way of exploring pictures, and it is fun to search here!!

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