Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fast forward again

Summer is near, and I have done so many things... no time for writting a post for each one, so here are some of them: all in one!

visita a montserrat

Visit to the hermitages at Montserrat mountain: following the footsteps of the pilgrims! Amazing views! I enjoyed the walk a lot! We were lucky, to tell the truth I went unprepared, but a nice lady at the store told us that it was worth taking some water with us.... totally true! without it I'll never had made it!

the kiss of death

A stroll through Poblenou Cementery... visiting graves, catalan famous ones! It was creepy but fun! A strange feeling! The guide explained that people didn't wanted to be buried here because they believed some restaurants used dead bodies as meat in their menu! Also that Anselm Clavé (catalan musician) was so poor that couldn't pay the grave, so people collected the money... and they paid it! Almost forgot to mention, there were 2 TV guys (BcnTV I guess) recording the visit... and the cameraman almost destroyed a grave (beside killing himself) while taking some shoots!

40 pricipales the musical

40 the musical, Zepp (from Tags) made a great performance! I could'nt believe my eyes! His mimic was not bad, I'm thrilled to see how he grows as an actor! Moving on, I loved the musical, some songs I couldn't recognize (yeah, I'm an oldie gaga) but others were great! the actor who played the father was fab! I'll shut up, don't wanna make any spoilers!

NBA at Montjuic

NBA at Montjuic, Barcelona! Couldn't believe my eyes! How it happened! Didn't have a clue what that was about... and no time to go ask for info... so no idea what happened there!

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