Sunday, July 3, 2011

Barcelona World Race

A few days ago I attended a conference about the second edition of the Barcelona World Race 2011, a double-handed (two crew) sailing race, non stop, no help, around the world (25.000 nautical miles).

We listened to 3 members of different teams:
Anna Corbella, team Gaes (102 days at sea): Her teammate was also a woman, Dee Caffari, the first woman to sail around the world three times!. Together, they are the first female crew to take part in this race... they are The Gaes Girls! Anna explained that life onboard was simple, and yet trying, but they managed to get along well, and that the most difficult task was to change sails!
Alex Pella, team Estrella Damm (98 days at sea): he is looking for a sponsor! he barely is ashore and he already is thinking about the next race: the Vendee Globe... he wants to sail all by himself! alone! around the world! I mean, he was explaining how challenging it was to sail because you wanna go faster, but then you get something broken, so you need to stop, and you get some help from your fellow crew member (Pepe Ribes)... and then you find yourself out into the Big Blue (nickname for the sea between Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn)! and yet, he wants to be there back again!
Cali Sanmartí, team We are water (132 days at sea): he is the McGyver onboard! This was his first regatta, together with Jaume Mumbrú, his goal was... to finish the circumnavigation alive! Sharing one message:

Hommage to Jaume and Cali from We Are Water Foundation on Vimeo.

"The We Are Water Foundation fights for a new water culture, allowing for a fairer and more sustainable development of water resources in the world".

Too afraid of sailing around the world? Too dangerous for you? Try the game Barcelona World Race!

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