Friday, June 29, 2012

Sexual Difference as Thought and Politics

Sexual Difference as Thought and Politics is the name os the new course which is going to be teach by Caroline Wilson, PhD at the Research Center Duoda (University of Barcelona). The course, in her own words: "There is something in the air today that is asking for women’s experience to be put into words, so that new life might be given to a culture, the modern male one, which has come to the end of a long crisis. This subject/online course offers an attractive, rigorous and simple synthesis of the essence and the usage that we might find today for the thought and politics that has been developed in the western world through the desire of many women to put into words the free sense of sexual difference and to bring women’s freedom into being in the world." • Price: 150 Euros, open to all. • Dates: From 22nd October to 21st December 2012 • Online. • Language: English. • Eligible as Credits of Free Choice (University of Barcelona) For more information and to register: Bookmark and Share

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