Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweet house

One SQM house is designed by Van Bo Le-Mentzel, an architect who lives in Berlin!! Wie kriege ich alle meine Bücher da rein? Unmöglich! aber es ist ein süsses Häussen, Ich will eins!!! Lovelly little portable-box-house!! So, homeless people... should live there? why not?, this is a design concept for the idea: "a house for everybody", something like a take away house and do whatever you want with it (pray, sell, watch, whatever)... so It's fun to have one, but... is it funny to live there? No idea, I'm not homeless... I only can imagine they wont need to shelter in the bank office anymore during rain or snow, so why are so many people against this tiny house? Here, go to the Guggenheim Lab and learn how to DIY One-SQM-House. To build one you need a screwdriver and spruce wood. Size: 70 cm x 199 cm x 100 cm. You can read Emal blog post, he is the very first person to live 24hour in one! He posted pictures of the house being used! We need to open our minds to knew ideas! But you know what? I would pay to see politicians working in one for a year ^_^ Those big buildings are so expensive... and know we don't have cash, so better if they build a One-SQM-House and work there, write their reports, taxes, laws, whatever they do.... in only one square meter instead of those expensives offices with 600 square meter!! Dreaming... Bookmark and Share

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