Friday, August 17, 2012


What is Librarybox? It's a customization of the DIY tool Piratebox. It's a file-sharing device where you can share files totally anonymous. We can hear Jason Griffey explain it here, 1 hour video full of instructions and how to build it, the Librarybox! Really, webinars at the Nebraska Library in Youtube are really interesting! Thank you! Any idea how you can use it on your library? Remember, this is not connected to Internet. First of all you, need to create a piratebox, and then customize it!!! Legal issues? everything on the box must be public domain, there are not DRM on the device!! The media stored on the flash drive must be free. A digital library where users can download books, content, as easy as possible, and read it or watch it, in wherever device they choose to use. Still, there are some stuff which need to be done: it is not searchable (no index), there aren't statistics (book downloaded x times), privacy issues, etc. Jason needs to work a little more on the device! Good luck! Bookmark and Share

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