Tuesday, June 9, 2015

LIS-ER 2015: Seminar about library and information science and research

The #LISER2015 seminar was held both June 4th and 5th, 2015. But the work began much earlier. 100th years ago a bunch of people founded the School of Library and Information Science in Barcelona, since then all of them had done a great work teaching, doing research, publishing journals, keeping up-to-date LIS studies at the University of Barcelona.

The first day we talked about LIS education in general with the interesting speak made by always charming Blaise Cronin. Later that same day we had 2 round tables, in the first one we discussed about LIS Studies in Europe, in the second one the talk took place from the American point of view. Furthermore we heard the poster presentation, winners were: 10 things to considerer in doing an internship in LIS, and Challenges to adapt library services to Horizon 2020. LIS reasearch was the main topic at the second day in the seminar. A dedicated round table to LIS research was the very beginning, followed up by a discussion on LIS journals.
Finally, even the scientist had their voice at the seminar thanks to the speaker from the Center for Genomic Regulation of Barcelona. We missed some voices in the seminar: the students and professionals one. Yes it’s true, there were some students who presented their posters, and some LIS journals editors, but was it enough? Some of the key questions were how to stand out and make people choose LIS studies as a career. Maybe if companies, enterpreneurs, workers, politicians receive an invite to the talk, they will finally get to know and understand what librarians, archivists and documentalists can do for them. There are the future subscribers to the journals, the future students to the LIS studies and the future researchers. Lets transform the Library profession! Bookmark and Share

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