Saturday, September 29, 2012

The rise and fall of anime Fansubs

Interesting documentary about fan subtitles!! Part 1: Once upon a time it was really difficult to subtitle videos. In our days, almost anyone with a PC can do it. Part 2: In the past, fansubers tried to translate the dialogs, and give explanatory notes on attached text (booklet). Now, you have to pause every 2 min. to read the notes on the screen. Otaking's got a point here. Part 3: Attention should be on the anime, not on flashy fonts... and leave the words there! I can't sing the openings with those animated fonts! I agree. Part 4: It's difficult to translate, so I don't agree with this part. I mean fansubs are not professionals. Yes, they can do better (tips in part 2 and 3 are great and can help fansubers to improve), but they are not professionals. I think they translate the best they can, with care and love to their translations. Part 5: Stop crying, man! There are still good fansubs out there, go find them! Fansubs rocks! Bookmark and Share

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