Saturday, March 28, 2009

Digital preservation forum

Yesterday I attended the 5th WePreserve Forum, held at the Institute of Catalan Studies in Barcelona about digital preservation projects. Terrific! There are so many projects, each of them giving a guideline of what to do to take care of digital stuff. The big goal is to rise risk awareness (we are losing data) everywhere: libraries, computer networks, photographer's galleries, medical records DB, etc; so that companies (like Microsoft) and goverments invest more in preservation research. They've talked about projects like the Digital Repository Audit Method Based On Risk Assessment (a tool that helps your organization to manage the risks associated with their digital repositories), the Preservation and Long-term Access through NETworked Services project (improve decision making process to preserve digital stuff), the Cultural, Artistic and Scientific knowledge for Preservation, Access and Retrieval project (representation information isn't static and needs to be preserved as long as it is needed in the future), the Network of Expertise in long-term STOrage and long-term availability of digital Resources in Germany (in this project are working together libraries, archives and museums, take note Catalonia), the SHAMAN project (developes and test next generation digital preservation framework, no single solution is good enough, no one knows how is gonna be the soft- and hardware 200 years from now), the Planning Tool for Trusted Electronic Repositories (a guideline to make a new and trustworthy digital repository), and finally Plato, a test bed that helps you evaluating the several solutions that exist now to make a decision of which one to follow.
Unlucky me!, couldn't attend the last presentation, the one about the preservation of FM Synthesis.
You may think this talk about digital preservation doesn't concern you, but remember betamax? Are you able to see any beta now? What do you think is gonna happen with blu-ray 20 years from now?
So, now it's up to you.

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