Sunday, August 14, 2011

2012 Laruku World Tour

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo... and more!!!

Yeahhh! I can't believe my eyes! They will be back again in Paris! It would be wonderful if they could make it to Barcelona... good luck my way. More information at the L'Arc-en-Ciel 20th Anniversary website.
LArcafe open in August
So moving on, latest news: until the 31st August 2011 L'Arcafe will be openned!! Lunch buffet, dinner buffet or late dinner, if you are so lucky to be in Tokyo... don't miss it!!! go and eat there, take pictures and share them!! This event is in collaboration with the Space Shower TV The Dinner... you'll find there special drinks with original cups... go and get them!!

Are you an Android smartphone user? then go to RecoChoku Smartphone site and get the app so you can download 146 L'Arc en Ciel songs! what are you waiting for?

And last, but not least, they donated all the revenue from the LIVE shows (28 & 29th last May) to help affected areas by the earthquake last March, and part of it goes to the Coca Cola Recovery Support Fund... feel the music! I love Laruku and Coke! it is my favorite drink after all!
Let's rock!

ahhh and before I forget (again) take a look at Babbi online shop, there you can buy ice creams produced by Hyde, Tetsuya, Ken and Yukihiro... enjoy them! mmmm tasty XD. Let's celebrate the 20th Anniversary of L'Arc en Ciel! Love you guys!
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