Tuesday, March 1, 2011

County library Berzsenyi Dániel

County library Berzsenyi Dániel

Last February I visited the county library Berzsenyi Dániel in Szombathely, Hungary. It is a beautiful library, welcoming staff (it was hard for them to speak in English... so we switched to German!), always there to help you! They showed us (me and 2 more friends) a library tour: first the reading room, with their shelves full of books (no space!)
Books on shelves county library Berzsenyi Dániel
We asked for books in catalan... and they have it! We found us reading Raó i follia: poetes catalans del segle XX!! OPAC county library Berzsenyi Dániel
Their edition was a bilingual one, with the translations into hungarian!
Then we visited the music collection!!
Music collection county library Berzsenyi Dániel
As I saw the instruments there, I thought they might lend not only the CDs but also the instruments, so you may practice there (as in Centre Pompidou)... but no, you can only hear music or read about it!
We also got to visit the special collection!!
Special collection county library Berzsenyi Dániel
They had a lot of work there, describing not only books, newspapers or pictures, but also posters about music festivals held in Szombathely!
Picture Fo Ter 1944
We found a picture of the Szentháromság-téri (a square at Fo ter in Szombathely)... where we have been walking and taking pictures just that same morning!
Szentháromság-téri Szombathely Hungary
I was so exited that I almost forgot the researcher who was reading there, sorry for the inconvenience! I also got to use the microfilm machine to read an old newspaper!
Reading an old newspaper on a microfilm machine
After that, we went up to the store, where they have this roller shelving system, and between the shelves we discovered a "big family picture" made by the librarian!
Lovely handcraft! She had many of them hide between the shelves: one of snow white and the 7 dwarfs, another of the three Graces... great!
I really enjoyed my visit there! I had a lot of fun!
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