Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't cry for me, Aberystwyth

Hugh Owen Library
The fourth Louie Knight mystery novel (I really recommend this book, couldn't stop laughing!) held me company while visiting Aberystwyth last summer.
This year summer placement was at the Aberystwyth University, helping upgrading spanish literature bibliographic records... so I spent my days working at the Hugh Owen Library (shelving, cataloging) and visiting castles, of course!
First stop: Birmingham. Did you know that Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson visited Birmingham in 1802? As usual didn't have time to visit the city, only the closed shopping mall (at 7 am everything is closed there, even the church!).

Second stop: Aberystwyth... I just love this city!
Aberystwyth, Constitution Hill
Walking up to Constitution Hill, or through the Promenade until the pier - where you can buy yummy icecreams! - and then to the castle... it goes without saying that I played crazy at the castle!
Aberystwyth Castle
Aberystwyth castle was built in the late 13th century.
King Edward I ordered his construction together with Flint, Rhuddlan and Built (I'm going back to visit these 3 someday).
Aberystwyth castle
Couldn't help shooting guns there... (someday I will do it for real!)
Aberystwyth castle
... or looking out into the sea searching for the boat commanded by Jack Aubrey!
Aberystwyth castle
I could feel the spirits walking through the celtic stone circle! King Arthur, where are you!! (uuups, nop, that's at Corris, at the labyrinth...^_^)
Pen Dinas and South beach
I lost track of time while walking at the south beach and Pen Dinas...
Dolphins at Aberystwyth
... and even spotted some dolphins at the sea, in Aberystwyth!
I really enjoyed the time there... Diolch yn fawr!
Third stop: Devils Bridge. The Prince of Wales took me there!
A train named Prince of Wales
The Vale of Rheidol Railway is breathtaking, this is the second time I jump in one of those little trains and really enjoyed the journey! Even in a rainy day!!
Devils Bridge
Walking there, reading Pride and Prejudice!!! Expecting Mr. Darcy to arrive at any minute! I had so much fun!! And visiting the robber's cave! (where are you, my dear Luigi Vampa?)...
A train named Great Western
...and The Great Western took me back again to Aberystwyth. Back to work.

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