Monday, June 1, 2009

Not PC

Here you can donwload Danger Mouse album Dark_Night_of_The_Soul
Yesterday I saw Beethoven's only opera Fidelio. Loved it! Thank you Liceu!! Loved the Copons's Marzelline pain scene, it made a great contrast vs Fontana's Leonore happiness. It made me rethink about showing some feelings so openly, without caring people. Last night was a unique experience, uncopyable. Even if I had recorded it (which I can't because of restrictive copyright, but also because I didn't thought about the possibility of recording it), uploaded and shared it online, it's not going to be the same feeling. Wasted money? I don't think so.
Now, let's move forward. Danger Mouse (musician) due to a legal dispute with EMI (record company) can't sell their music through the traditional way, releasing it. So, they found out a different way of making money with their music without "fear of being sued by EMI" (copyright law=money maker): selling blank recordable CD-R so that you may (or not) download their music from a filesharing network and burn it. Am I going to pay for nothing? Nope. I get a photobook too by David Lynch (filmmaker). Sound of music. Is this a unique experience? No. But I'm able to choose whatever I want to do (to buy it or not, to donwload it or not). And if I want a unique experience, I just need to be at one of his concerts! Wasted money? Again no.
One more step. Galerie Chappe (art gallery) hosted children lessons with Jarvis Cocker. You can buy the album and hear his music, read about the event or even watch it...

... but never experience it. It's priceless.
Now run. I just happen to read an article (source of info showed here) about libraries providing uncopyable experiences (comments are great). And couldn't help but remember Murakami at the Jaume Fuster library here in Barcelona.

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